Review Policy

I. Honest Reviews

I provide honest reviews only. I will always state my personal opinion in regards to what I liked and didn’t like about a book. I will also decide whether or not I will finish a book and state the reason why in my review. However, that is incredibly rare.

II. Negative Reviews

I will not receive any type of compensation to influence my opinion. I accept e-books or physical copies in exchange for a review and my free time. That means I may provide negative reviews as well as positive ones.

If that is not something you are willing to receive (and please be honest with yourself about it), do refrain from requesting a review. I don’t take pleasure in writing negative reviews but I believe they are necessary both for the author’s development and the readers’ selection process. Any negative reviews are not meant to attack or degrade the author in any way. They are my personal opinion in regards to their work alone and should be taken as such.

III. Spontaneous Mail

If a book is sent to me without my previous agreement to a review, I reserve the right to not read and/or review it. I will also make no returns. If I like the book and/or decide to read it, expect me to get back to you with a happy e-mail.

IV. Time Limit

If you require a review in a certain time limit, please state so in your request. I will do my best to honour that time constraint, but it’s not always possible. I will contact you to let you know.

I will review books in the order they were requested, if not asked otherwise. So you can expect your book to be reviewed between a few weeks to a few months from the time it was first requested/accepted. I usually take three days to one week to read a book, and will usually have a review ready within a week. Note that these times are merely indicative and may vary.

V. Where I Post My Reviews

I publish my reviews on my blog and Goodreads profile, as well as sharing it on other social media. I will also be posting my reviews on Amazon in the near future.

VI. Who Can Request

Any author or publisher who would like me to review their book may request a review. I may not reply to your e-mail right away, but I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. I am currently not accepting self-published books.

VII. Agreement

I will ignore any review request that does not comply with this Review Policy but I also reserve the right to deny any review request that does, be it due to time constraints or for other reasons.

What I accept:

  • physical copy (preferred)
  • epub file
  • Kindle/mobi file
  • I don’t accept PDFs
  • Young Adult (preferred)
  • Fantasy (preferred)
  • Romance (preferred)
  • Contemporary
  • New Adult
  • Action/Adventure
  • Comic Books/Graphic Novels
  • Science-Fiction
  • Middle Grade and Children’s Books
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • I don’t accept Erotica, Horror, Poetry or Non-Fiction of any kind

If you agree with my Review Policy and would like to file a review request, please do so here.

Disclaimer: This Review Policy is subject to constant revision. Be sure to read it every time you request a review.